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High School Age Students

If you are a high school student interested in taking classes at the TATC and you want your TATC classes to count toward your high school diploma, you must meet with your school counselor or the Career Counselor in your school’s Career and Technical Education Department before enrolling at the TATC. The counselor will determine if you have met the appropriate prerequisites for the training you are interested in taking and will complete a pre-registration form with you.


Students under age 18 must have the pre-registration form signed by a parent or guardian. State requirements for some programs in the Health Care and Transportation Divisions require a student to be a senior and/ or 18 years of age before the student may work with patients in externships or take the state certification tests.


Contact Student Services for details. At the TATC, you will be asked to complete a college enrollment form. Our advisors are available to answer your educational and career questions and assist you in decision making as you plan your future.


Adult Students

Upon seeking enrollment, you will meet with a staff member who will answer your questions and assist you in choosing a training path. The advisor will evaluate your previous education, training, and work experience. Your math, reading, and language skills may be assessed to determine whether additional instruction in these areas would help you be successful in your selected training program.


When formally enrolling, you will be asked to complete a college enrollment form and pay an initial registration fee upon application to the College. Advising will continue to be available to help you make the best educational and career choices for your goals.


If you have further questions please contact Student Services at (435) 248-1800.

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