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Tuition & Fees


Adult Students

Adult students pay tuition, any course or program fees, and for all textbooks not provided in the classroom. Since most TATC classes are open-entry/open-exit, ongoing tuition is based on the number of hours a student enrolls in each week. Tuition is then assessed on a monthly basis based on the number of hours the student is registered for. Tuition is only $1.55 per hour. Some classes, however, are fixed in length and have a set tuition. To calculate an estimate of your monthly tuition see our Tuition Calculator.


High School Students

There is no tuition charge for current public high school students enrolled in regular TATC courses and programs. High school students are, however, responsible for program fees and the cost of required textbooks. High school students may qualify for a program fee waiver – see Student Services for details.


Registration fee

You may register for individual classes or for one of the many programs offered by the College. There is a one-time registration fee of $5.00 for each class, or $40.00 for a program. If you are not actively enrolled in TATC courses for one year, your registration will lapse and you will have to re-register to enroll in programs or classes.


Program & Course Fees

Most TATC programs and courses also have fees which you will be responsible to pay. These fees cover the cost of handouts, consumable items used in your class, and other non-recoverable expenses. You are responsible for paying fees based on the schedule for your course or program. View the program information page for your desired program for an estimated total cost of tuition and fees, or click here to view a list of all individual fees.


For more information, please call Student Services at (435) 248-1800 or visit our office at 66 W. Vine Street, Tooele, UT  84074.

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