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Program: Welding TechnicianECG machine


Welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers have been selected as one of Utah’s four-star occupations. The need for welders is increasing and the 2005 Occupational Outlook Handbook projects that this field will continue to grow faster than average over the next ten years. The TATC welding program will give you hands-on training in welding skills, in the use of welding equipment, and in reading blueprints. Completing this program will prepare you for entry-level welder positions with area businesses. You can also upgrade or supplement your skills with individual courses if you are already in the welding field.


TATC Certificate of Skills: Welding Technician


Open-entry/Open-exit: Approximately 180 hours


Locations & Hours of Availability:



Admission Requirements:
• You must be at least 16 years
• The following materials are required:
  • leather welding gloves
• leather apron with split leg
• leather cape and sleeves
• 20” bib with side release buckle
• 18” firestop sleeves
• gas welding goggles
• arc welding helmet
• tinted lens #11 and #12
• single flint spark lighter
• soapstone and holder
• chipping hammer
• tape measure
• safety glasses

These items are NOT sold at the TATC bookstore.


Math and English levels:

 • Not assessed

Occupation & Licensure Requirements:

 • None


Skills you will learn:

 • Shop Safety

 • Gas metal arc welding on carbon steel

 • Flux core arc welding on carbon steel

 • Blueprint reading, layout and fitting training

 • Basic math used in the welding profession



Courses in this Program

Required Courses in Required Order:

Course name


Introduction & Safety


Shielded Metal Arc Welding


Gas Metal Arc Welding


Flux Cored Arc Welding


Gas Tungsten Arc Welding


Oxy-acetylene Welding


Welding Blueprint Reading


Tuition and Fees Calculator

Tuition   Fees
line     Registration Fee: $40
    Lab/Supply Fee: $43 per month
    Textbooks & Materials:**
        Required textbooks, $139
        Additional Supplies, $132
               Additional supplies are NOT
               sold in the bookstore. This
               is an estimated price.

General College Tuition & Fees
Tuition: 1-6 hours per week $ 3 per hour
Tuition: 7-11 hours per week $ 1.35 per hour
Tuition: 12-20 hours per week $ 1.75 per hour
Tuition: 21-40 hours per week $ 1.35 per hour
Late Payment $ 5.00
Registration - Program $ 40.00
Registration - Single Class $ 5.00
Re-enrollment $ 20.00
Schedule Change $ 5.00
Transcript $ 3.00
UCAT Graduation $ 15.00


Prices as of July 1, 2009. Subject to change without notice.


*All costs are ESTIMATIONS based on 100% progress, for adult students. Actual training time and costs are based on the student's schedule and progress. Public, private and home-schooled high school students attend TUITION FREE but must pay all fee and textbook costs. Tuition and fee information is published on the College web site. This publication is not a contractual agreement. While all costs are good faith estimates, many costs are variable and outside of the control of the College


**See bookstore for texts required by course and current pricing.


Tuition rates are established and approved by the Utah College of Applied Technology Board of Trustees. In accordance with State law, the public will be notified in advance and will be able to comment regarding any proposed changes in tuition.


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